We are now carrying a selection of products from Relax & Wax! These great products address many concerns that our regular sugar waxing clients would like to address!

Hair Did it Go?

Relax and Wax announces new alternative to laser hair removal.

Relax & Wax is excited to add yet another product to it’s line of pain-free depilatory products. ‘Hair Did It Go?’ was developed as a longer term solution to hair removal than waxing which also has the benefit of being less expensive than laser hair removal.

According to Deborah Merhar, professional esthetician and founder of Relax & Wax “We’ve created an alternate to laser hair removal that really works! No matter what hair color, skin color, or budget everyone can be hair free.” ‘Hair Did It Go?’ works by blocking the oxygen supply to the hair root, it literally starves it to death. ‘Hair Did It Go?’ is fast acting an results can be seen after just one application. Maximum results can be achieved in 5-15 applications.

$15 Add-on per area being Sugared


No Scream Cream!


NO-SCREAM CREAM can be used on all areas of the body. Including bikini area, lip, eyebrows, underarms and legs. NO-SCREAM CREAM will not interfere with the waxing process.
Do not use if allergic to Benzocaine, Lidocaine, Novacaine, etc.

DIRECTIONS: NO-SCREAM CREAM should be applied 30-45 minutes before waxing. It should be applied as a fairly thick layer and should not be rubbed in to the skin like lotion. Once the cream is thick and white STOP! And let the cream absorb into the skin on its own. The skin should appear white after NO-SCREAM CREAM is applied and will absorb into the skin in about 5-10 minutes. NO-SCREAM CREAM isn’t messy or greasy, wont harm clothing and you can get dressed as usual.

Active ingredient: Benzocaine 20%

$19 1 oz. No Scream Cream (we recommend picking this product the day before your appointment so that you can leave it on for the full 30 minutes before getting sugared).


Get The Bump Outta Here!


Although, sugaring helps to reduce ingrown hairs some of our clients are prone to them. Add this easy to apply solution to your skincare for silky smooth skin!


$15 2 oz. Get the Bump Outta Here

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We are excited to announce our new skincare line Face Reality. 
Face Reality  treats acne, rosacea and hyper-pigmentation with a combination of in-office treatments and managed home care with custom-formulated specialized products. We get far better results than traditional methods of using antibiotics and dangerous drugs, such as isotretinoin (Accutane). Our modality is far less expensive and far more effective than medi-spa laser treatments. You can also add on LED treatments for quicker results.

This skincare program is great for teens and adults who suffer from acne. Set up your consultation and first treatment now! Book Now.

LED Facial Machine

What is LED?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. These colorful little bright lights are connected to semiconductors that take electric energy and transmit this energy into light waves. Each color LED has a different wavelength that penetrates the skin at different levels. Once the light penetrates the skin cells are stimulated and put to work!


The LED facials at BodyMx Massage & Skincare can be customized with 4 different colored lights. Each light treats a different condition.


Red LED promotes cell regeneration and blood circulate. This light helps to stimulate collagen and is an excellent anti-aging treatment.


Blue LED helps to kill bacteria, slow oil production and relieve breakouts. Blue LED is mainly used to treat acne.


Green LED is used to treat sun damage and skin discoloration. It affects the melanocytes that cause dark spots on the skin.


Yellow LED is extremely soothing and calming. Clients who suffer from sensitive skin and rosacea can greatly benefit from this light.


What happens during an LED facial?

All makeup will be removed and your skin will be thoroughly cleansed. Light proof goggles will be put on your eyes. Then you will relax for about 30 minutes under our LED facial machine. After your treatment is over sunscreen will be applied. This treatment has zero downtime and makeup can be applied immediately after.


Does an LED facial hurt?

This is a completely pain free treatment. You make feel a bit of warmth from increased blood flow.

How often should I have an LED facial?

LED is most effective when done in a series. We recommend a series of 8 treatments done twice a week over the course of one month. Each treatment is about 30 minutes. The best part of this treatment is that results are immediate and cumulative! Immediately after your treatment you should notice a nice glow to your skin, but as you get more treatments you will see even more improvement.  To maintain your skin after you’ve gotten your desired results we recommend getting a LED facial at least twice a year.

How much is an LED facial treatment?

You can add on an LED treatment to any Classic or Signature Facial for $45
A stand alone LED treatment is $55
Series of 8 treatments $400 (4 month expiration from date of purchase)


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Massage is effective in reducing pain owing to several neurological processes and conditions. The positive effects of relaxing massage interrupt the transmission of pain sensations of affected pain receptors from entering the central nervous system by stimulating other cutaneous receptors, because of what is known as the gate control theory. According to the gate control theory, painful impulses are transmitted along small- and large-diameter nerve fibers from pain receptors to the spinal cord and into the brain. Stimulation of the thermo- or mechanoreceptors by rubbing, massaging, icing, or other means is transmitted along the larger fibers and suppresses the pain sensations back to gate where the fibers enter the spinal column.

Michael F. Beck

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relaxationWe have simplified our massage menu. BodyMx Massage & Skincare now offers Relaxation Massage and Advanced Therapy Massage.

You may be asking yourself what the difference is between these two services.

Relaxation Massage is ideal for those who have had a hard working week or feel like treating themselves to some TLC! This massage incorporates Swedish massage techniques to help de-stress and loosen up your body. The treatment consists of flowing strokes, kneading and gentle manipulations of the muscles to create a deep relaxation. It is a pain-free way to relax both your muscles and your mind.

Advanced Therapy Massage is a therapeutic deep tissue massage that was created to help you with chronic pain and injuries. Your therapist will use advanced techniques such as trigger point therapy, neuromuscular therapy, sports massage, lymphatic drainage and therapeutic stretching to customize this session to your specific needs. If you are experiencing chronic pain, knots or have sustained physical injury this is the massage for you!

Both of these massages can be booked as a couples massage. We also offer some amazing enhancements that can be added on to these massages such as back scrubs, cupping, warm bamboo, AromaDrop, and Aromatherapy.

Doug Mills/New York Times

Doug Mills/New York Times

Cupping has recently gotten a lot of media attention after Michael Phelps, an Olympic swimmer was seen with the telltale purple cupping marks. Cupping is an ancient Chinese modality that helps to relax and bring blood flow to sore muscles. BodyMx Massage and Skincare offers this beneficial add on to any massage for only $15. Our Altamonte massage studio offers a serene environment where you can relax while enjoying cupping therapy. Cupping isn’t just for athletes. Anyone experiencing muscle tension or soreness can benefit from cupping in Orlando. Read the New York Times article here.

scrub13Next time you book your massage in Altamonte at BodyMx Massage & Skincare you Should consider adding on a sugar back scrub! Sugar scrubs can help reverse early signs of aging. Exposure from pollution, dirt, stress and sun’s ultra violet rays damage the skin cells. This leads to skin dullness and develops early signs of aging like fine lines and uneven skin tone. Sugar scrubs create a gentle abrasion to even out the skin tone. They remove accumulated dead and damaged skin cells caused by sun exposure and pollution. The gentle massaging application of sugar scrub on the skin enhances blood circulation. This increases collagen production and skin cell regeneration to prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging.

relaxation massageFull body massage can produce multiple benefits for your health. These benefits go far beyond an hour spent in relaxing quietly, escaping the day. An increasing amount of evidence indicates that stress and tension form the root causes of many diseases and illnesses. Hence, if you able to find ways to alleviate or relieve your stress, you are preventing health problems from emerging or becoming worse.

Going for a full body massage on a regular basis is one excellent way to help you fight off tension. Full body massage stimulates the production of endorphins that promotes relaxation and drowsiness.

When you go for full body massage, your head to your toes and feet are massaged both front and back. A variety of strokes that includes kneading, pulling, wringing, hacking and gliding are used on various parts of the body.

If you are already ill or suffering from constant fatigue or pain, then full body massage can play a big part in your treatment. A full body massage helps to improve blood circulation and blood becomes more easily transportable to the vital organs in your body. This is vital for smooth functioning of your internal body parts. In addition, when blood is supplied to areas that have been injured before, repair and renewal of cells and tissues take place more easily. Combined with conventional medicine and other therapies, repeat sessions of full body massage can do much to accelerate your recovery.

Here are a few disorders that benefit from regular full body massage:

* Depression
* Infertility
* Eating disorders
* Post-operative recovery
* Autism
* Immune-suppressed systems
* Diabetes
* High blood pressure
* Sleep disorders
* Cancer related fatigue
* Low back pain
* Spinal cord injuries

When you choose full body massage, you choose a non-invasive procedure. In addition, full massage therapy, which is relatively safe, can be a complementary treatment to other medical treatments.

Other than improved blood circulation, here are other benefits that you can expect to experience from a full body massage.

* Stimulated lymph system
* Stimulated immune system
* Relaxed muscles
* Reduced cramps
* Increased flexibility
* Reduced recovery time
* Released endorphins
* Reduced post-operative scar tissue and edema
* Reduced migraine pain
* Improved range of motion
* Reduced depression
* Shortened labor and delivery in expectant mothers

As helpful as full body massage can be, those with certain illnesses should avoid the treatment. These include phlebitis, certain cancers, certain heart conditions, certain skin problems, and contagious diseases.

To be absolutely sure, check with your doctor first if you are chronically ill. Otherwise, enjoy on a regular basis!

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