Let our Certified Acne Specialist, Melissa Sonnenschein, guide you through thorough consultation and recommendations to clear your acne! We utilize goal-oriented, customized plans to control your acne through individualized home care products and in-office treatments. Treatment plans include a thorough consultation and a packet of information for you to take home, which cover lifestyle choices, as well as foods and product ingredients that affect acne prone skin. We will give you detailed instructions on how to care for your skin to get you clear within 3 to 4 months, and keep you clear. This system has a 92% success rate for individuals who follow the treatment plan. Read more about our program here.inflamed_acne_hyperpigmentation_small1inflamed_acne_small

Initial Consultation and First Treatment $90
Follow up Treatment (includes Acne Peel and Extractions)$65
Series of 3 $175.50 (save 10%)
Series of 6 $331.50 (save 15%)

*Please Note: Prices do not include the price of your home care products that are necessary to achieve results.